Devotees become free from fear of untimely death etc. by the darshan of Baba Mahendranath located in Mahen village situated between Rudrapur and Barhaj area. This is the recognition of the people. The Shivling sitting in the womb of the temple has emerged from the ground and is in the form of Ardha Narishwar.

The appearance of Baba Mahendranath and the Rapti river flowing adjacent to the village is related to the biography and autobiography of the Brahmin noble Lakshmi Narayan i.e. famous Sidhya Purush Pauhari Maharaj of this village. In the month of Shravan, the Kanwariyas perform Jalabhishek of Baba Mahindranath by filling water from the Sarju bank of Barhaj. Only after that do they move forward or do they perform their oblations. Legend has it that this area was a forest hundreds of years ago..

Lakshmi Narayan Das (who later became famous as Pauhari Maharaj-I), born in a Brahmin family in Mahen village, from childhood bathed in the Rapti river flowing near the village and worshiped Lord Shiva under a huge Peepal tree in the temple premises. used to worship People say that Mahakal Bhole Shankar sitting in the form of Ardhanarishwar used to give them knowledge and the lion used to guard the said place. Seeing the saintly nature of Lakshmi Narayan Das, his parents tried to marry him and tie him to a household life, but even after marriage, his routine did not change. Husband leaving the house early in the morning and coming back late in the evening started bothering the wife. One day she reached his meditation place. He was preaching to Lord Shiva Lakshmi Narayan Das. Due to the presence of his wife, there was disturbance in the preaching and Lord Shiva became the same thing. Since then the said place got fame as the abode of Mahendranath. Mahendranath Temple, the place of enlightenment of Pauhari Maharaj, was built with stones by Madrasi Baba of Maharashtra about a hundred years ago.



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